Techimp, as a young and innovative Company, is always searching for brilliant people to enlarge and improve its team.

The main field of activities is electrical engineering, in particular the study of Partial Discharges, so the most interesting profiles to us are:

  • electrical engineers or PhDs with skills in the diagnosis of power systems through the detection of PDs, maintenance, asset management;
  • electronic engineers with deep competences in the design of electronic circuits, boards, signal conditioning, telecommunications.
  • electrical/industrial engineers with commercial capabilities.

We are often looking for other roles too, such as administrative assistants, Service technicians, etc.

The common denominator of our personnel is commitment. Techimp people are passionate of their work, both R&D, commercial and organizational. They are problem solving oriented and eager of learning more and more in their professional area.

If you feel to be compliant with these prerequisites and want to try a new challenge, please send your Curriculum Vitae and covering letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specyfing the job reference.

Currently, we have the following openings: 


The candidate will join the R&D software development team of Techimp.
The candidate shall have a master degree in Electronic/Information technology engineering or similar. He/she shall also show past experience in a similar role in company/ies belonging to the industry of automation.
He/she will take care of the analisys of the requirements about the product, design support, development, maintenance and validation of software for communication, management and data processing together with the relevant user interfaces for embedded systems and applications for monitoring and supervision (SCADA systems). He/she shall also share information with the other business departments in order to promote the distribution, production and support related to products and systems.
The availability for transfers in Italy or abroad, in order to directly interact with Customers for technical matters, is required.
Fluency in English speaking is required.
Experience in Agile team working and knowledge of versioning software is preferred.
Required expertise
- excellent knowledge of .NET, ASP.NET MVC, WPF;
- excellent knowledge of main programming patterns;
- excellent knowledge of Javascript, Angular, jQuery;
- ORM (NHybernate, Entity Framework);
- MongoDB, SQL (Microsoft SQL Server 2012);
- SOA architecture;
- development of multithreading and event driven interfaces;
- knowledge of Java, Python, C++ and experience in Linux is welcomed.
- teamworking skills: communication, negotiation, relationship;
- analisys, evaluation and problem solving;
- attitude for improvement and innovation;
- skill in effort estimation;
- initiative, reliability and flexibility;
- conflict management.
Candidates of both sexes (according to D.Lgs. 198/2006) can send their Curriculum Vitae together with a presentation letter and the authorization for personal data management to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
The subject shall be "Software developer". Personal data of candidates will be used and stored only for the job search (according to D.lgs. 196/03).