Strongly committed to innovation and research, Techimp (TECHnological IMProvements) Company stands for excellence in the field of innovative diagnostic technologies applied to electrical engineering. More than ten years of research and on-field experience resulted in a complete portfolio of products and services providing customers and partners with the best knowledge-based solutions for their electrical assets and smart grids.

Techimp is the ideal partner for managing SMART GRIDS with products that represent the state of the art in diagnostic of electrical equipment, covering the full range of on-line and off-line applications from quality control, to condition based maintenance and permanent remote monitoring. The core of the approach is based on an innovative technology of Global Monitoring, integrating Partial Discharge monitoring and analysis with dissolved gas analysis for oil-filled transformers (DGA), vibrations monitoring, temperature and power quality assessment (DTS) and tan-delta measurements, using a unique monitoring system with specifically developed sensing solutions.