Integrated Global Monitoring™ for Transformer

Techimp offers a wide range of sensors and systems to monitor the condition of power transfomer forming them to the unique Global Monitoring™ for transformer.

A combination of PD, tan-d and DGA provide the best protection available for a highly complex and expensive asset. All components have been developed by Techimp ensuring a perfect interaction.

For PD monitoring of transformer Techimp offers a wide range of sensors

  • HFCTs for the cable-terminations of distribution transformer
  • Tap adaptors to be connected to the test taps of the bushings
  • UHF spiral antennas for modern transfomer equipped already with inspection windows
  • UHF horn antennas to be attached to the lower end of the bushing
  • Acoustic probes

Techimp PD separation technology allows different Partial Discharge (PD) phenomena to be classified on the basis of their pulse shape and split in different clusters (TF map®), so that further analysis can be carried out on each dataset, separately. This enhances the likelihood of PD source identification, even for non skilled operators.

On the basis of the TF map®, it is possible to achieve noise and disturbance rejection, as well as separation of PD phenomena. An example of this separation for Power Transformers is shown in the picture below, in which PD due to different phenomena group into different clusters. After separation has been carried out, patterns associated with each phenomenon can be extracted and processed separately, so that the identification of the phenomena causing PD can be carried out through artificial intelligence techniques.

The Techimp tan-d system receives the information as well from the test taps of the bushings and is available with three or six channels with with either absolut or relative tan-d.

Techimps DGA XL monitors Hydrogen (H2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) as well as temperature and moisture and comes with an extended lifetime.

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