The first 500 kV Permanent PD monitoring system in North America, completed!

Friday, 02 September 2016 14:03 | Written by 

Techimp is proud to announce its last outstanding achievement.

The commissioning of a permanent PD monitoring system and the PD commissioning testing of the Chino Hills 500 kV cable circuits, the first 500 kV transmission line in North America, was successfully completed yesterday evening.

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Project - key figures:

Rated voltage: 500kV
Length: 2 x 5km
12 outdoor terminations
66 cable joints

OFF line PD test - key figures:

First PD testing in North America with 4 RTS systems,
#4 High Volt RTS
#13 PD units
Simultaneous measurement at 0.8 U0, 1.0U0 and 1.5U0
Four Techimp engineers

Techimp monitoring system - key figures

#4 PDHub 3 channels
#11 PDHub 12 channes
#144 PD Sensor (HFCT)
#1 Server unit (rack mounted)
#1 TiSCADA software platform

System Description

Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring system consists of a central unit and 15 distributed PDHub units able to store and process the PD signals acquired through 144 PD sensors installed on cable joints and outdoor terminations.
The Acquisition Units collects the partial discharge signals, acquired in Ultra Wide Band, coming from the sensors, rejects the noise through the powerful TF map, separates PD and disturbance phenomena, identifies PD sources and carries out the diagnosis of their root causes. A fiber optic communication network connects all the Acquisition Units to the Central Unit placed in a Control Room, where the partial discharge data are collected, stored and processed through TiSCADA, i.e. the innovative Techimp monitoring software platform, which will provide automatic alarms, based on the traffic light approach, only in case of harmful phenomena occurring in the cable circuits, thus avoiding false alarms due to noise or disturbances.

Customer Benefits

  • Early detection of incipient insulation faults
  • Maximization of productivity and reliability
  • Avoid high repair costs due to unpredicted failures
  • Assets’ extended life cycles
  • Superior Data Analysis with TF-map® technology
  • Maintenance plan optimization


CONGRATULATIONS to the whole team involved in this new success for Techimp.
These are the results and experiences we want to build on and you are the core for this.
Do not hesitate to innovate and make the best of each experience for you and for the company!.
A special thanks to Power Delivery Solutions, Mr. Alfred Mendelsohn, who has lead the project to a new outstanding achievement!

Kurt Hakansson - CEO of Techimp HQ


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