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Zola Predosa, ITALY — April 05, 2017

The two renowned companies ISA and TECHIMP are proud to announce the merger of both units to form a new global player ALTANOVA taking the industry to the next level.

ISA, a leading company in the field of design and manufacturing of portable test equipment and online monitoring solutions for electrical energy systems, power plants and electrical substations and TECHIMP, a global leader in services and solutions for the condition assessment of Medium and High voltage apparatus are joining forces to further increase the offering to our customers with a vast portfolio of testing and monitoring equipment.

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ALTANOVA will be a smart, dynamic, lean and global company that offers one stop-shop solutions for off-line testing and online monitoring products as well as services for the condition assessment and testing of High and Medium Voltage electrical apparatus in the power industry.

“This is a game-changing merger between two pioneering companies that have already gained the trust of the global market. Together, we plan to expand on our many combined strength and harness a significant untapped growth potential.” says Gino Amadi, President of ISA and the CEO of the newly formed ALTANOVA.

“The merged company will be a true strong partner to our customers with global presence and innovative technology", adds Kurt Hakansson CEO of TECHIMP and Board member.

With more than 100 employees in Italy, Germany, India, US and Singapore and globally present in 100 countries, ALTANOVA will become a true global player, moving closer to its customers and helping asset managers with customized condition assessments to fulfill their tasks to maintain highest availability of MV/HV networks within budget limitations.

Stay tuned for more information and welcome to the future!