FALCON - Introducing a new era of PD Monitoring for MV applications

Wednesday, 21 February 2018 11:52 | Written by 

FALCON - Introducing a new era of PD Monitoring for MV applications

ALTANOVA TECHIMP has released its brand-new FALCON PD acquisition unit especially designed for MV applications like MV-switchgear, Ring-Main-Units (RMU), MV-cables and motors.



Currently permanent partial discharge monitoring is applied mostly to the costliest electrical devices like HV-cables, GIS, Power Transformer and Generators, as PDM systems are known to be complex and exclusive. Today for this reason only in rare cases, where process stability or other critical parameters prevail (mostly in industries), MV assets are furnished with PDM systems.

The FALCON will radically change this perception by combining high-end technology, easy installation and high reliability with affordable cost.
The technology of the FALCON benefits from decades of research of partial discharge phenomena within TECHIMP. Proven Technology has been transferred from HV monitoring like GIS, HV-cable, Power Transformer and Generators to the brain of the FALCON. The device incorporates TECHIMP’s patented and well recognized T/F-map technology for unsurpassed noise suppression as well as PD source separation and identification. The FALCON will be connected to PD sensors like HFCTs, TEVs or coupling capacitors.

Onboard computing power and data storage allow for detailed analysis of actual and historical data through a web-browser interface making a central server obsolete. The unit can be connected to the LAN-network and reached through a web-browser from any PC/Laptop anywhere inside the network. Alternatively, the unit can be connected to a laptop directly on site. The HMI informs the customer about status, alarm events, system notifications, trends of various statistical magnitudes and setup functions.
A Smart Alarm configuration is considering Qmax and trending, thus avoiding false alarms. Dry contacts for RTU / SCADA communication are available. Easy installation and commissioning through auto-setting keep installation costs low. However, in the expert-mode the customer can establish his own settings. Any number of FALCON units can be daisy chained.

The FALCON is the new device introducing reliable PD monitoring in distribution networks on a larger scale. With the FALCON asset managers of distribution networks have the opportunity to apply proven technology for condition assessment to their assets to increase availability and to reduce maintenance costs.

ALTANOVA - Each day around the world we help asset managers with custom-made condition assessments to fulfil their tasks to maintain highest availability within budget limitations.

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