Laboratory Equipment | PDBase II


  • Innovative instrument for Partial Discharge recording & processing
  • Ultra Wide band, fast integrated processing capability
  • Up to 6 PD Channels, external, line or GPS synchronized
  • Powerful, PD Pulse detector and Waveform analyzer
  • Fuzzy logic diagnostic tools and statistical processing
  • IEC 60270 compliant!

The ultimate solution for industrial monitoring & quality control


Has your PRPD (Phase Resolved Partial Discharge) ever been affected by two or more PD activities and overlapping noise at the same time?

Even very skilled operators will find hard to make a diagnosis, in situations as the one mentioned above, through a mere visual evaluation of the pattern graph.
Techimp new technology bases itself on the principle that efficient separation and identification of PD data can be achieved collecting PD pulses themselves and not only, as digital instrumentation commonly available does, PD pulse peak and phase.


PDBase II® has been expressly designed as a system able to collect a large number of PD pulses and separate them according to their waveform. In order to accomplish this task, PDBase II® hardware is equipped with an ultra-wide band digitizer and integrated processing capabilities. Thanks to its fast sampling rate (200 MS/s) and its on-board processing capabilities, a considerable number of digitized PD pulse waveforms are analyzed and pulse features are stored for a further processing leading to the final PD source identification.


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