Smart Sensorgrid NG

Smart Sensors | Smart Sensorgrid NG


  • Smart Sensor: integrated sensor + detector + data analysis + data trending + alerts embedded
  • Easy installation (no expertise required)
  • Fully automatic alerts
  • Compact dimensions
  • Direct connection to SCADA system
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Easy soft, software for automatic testing and reporting: NO SKILL NEEDED!

Smart Sensorgrid belongs to the smart sensor family devised for on-line monitoring of diagnostic quantities in electrical assets. It provides traffic-light alerts to SCADA systems / asset and maintenance service.
Smart Sensorgrid is a state-of-art PD analyzer, exploiting the TECHIMP T-F Map technology (patented). Such feature allows noise rejection and automatic alarm warning based on amplitude and repetition rate trend relevant to statistical parameters. The PD sensor, a HFCT, is integrated in the smart sensor body.


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