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Cablewise is a unique, non-destructive on-line electrical system condition assessment process that enables circuit owners at a wide range of commercial/industrial facilities to evaluate the condition of cable systems, transformers, and switchgear. Cablewise technology was developed and initially implemented in 1984 on a Detroit Edison 138 kV rated cable system.

Additional research and development ensued over the next several years with a focus on distribution-class cables. The technology can successfully detect the deterioration in cables, splices, and terminations on both new and aged cable systems. This innovative technology is now available to all industrial customers and utilities. Over 50 million feet of cable systems have been assessed in the field. Customers, both industrial plants and electric generators, have applied the Cablewise condition assessment program annually in order to improve the reliability of their power delivery systems.

On-line Expertise

  • Assessment is performed on-line at system voltage; no over-voltage is applied
  • Non-destructive: Cablewise assessment does not shorten the remaining life of the cable accessories, or other equipment
  • Non-invasive: No outages or switching operations are required
  • Provides “true” assessment of cable system under operating conditions

Knowing a cable system’s weaknesses enables owners, asset managers and reliability engineers to be proactive in identifying and repairing problems before they cause outages.


Selecting Cablewise to assess transmission and distribution cable systems, results in these direct benefits:

  • Eliminate downtime and potential damage to existing cable systems
  • Prioritize capital expenditures by identifying cables for repair, treatment or replacement
  • Increase customer satisfaction by identifying incipient faults before they become outages
  • Assist asset management in justifying increased funding for improved reliability


  • On-line data acquisition is performed in minutes


  • Subject cables are not required to be disconnected from the system
  • Exposure of personnel to energized environments is minimal


  • Assessment results indicate the condition of the cables, cable accessories and connected equipment under normal operating conditions







  • Voltage class from 2.4kV to 345 kV
  • All types of insulation: PILC, EPR, XLPE, TRXLPE and Butyl Rubber
  • All conductor sizes shielded and non-shielded circuits
  • Armored and pipe-type cables
  • Laminar, extruded and mixed cable circuits
  • All installations–direct buried, conduit, trays
  • Any circuit configuration–straight or branched

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