Service Card

By subscribing the Service Card Association,

in combination with the purchase of one of our Partial Discharge diagnostic instrument, customers have the opportunity to enjoy the following benefits for one year (according to the terms and conditions stated in the Service Card Agreement).

You will take advantage from the following benefits:

Service card

Data analysis service. Should you face any difficulty with some particular acquired data, You shall be entitled to submit data to TechImp and take advantage of our analyst’s expertise for the processing and interpretation of Partial Discharge data. For the first year trial association, You shall be entitled to have the analysis for 5 three-phase machines or 15 single-phase equipment.

Special price for any further required analysis. Once the contractual limit (of the number of analysis) has been reached, You shall be entitled to have a special price for all the additional analysis required during the year, exceeding those included.

Technical support

Should You need further information regarding our Service Card and our range of products, services and dedicated solutions (i.e. special versions of the software for quality control (GO/NO GO) or customisation of the identification tools), please contact us.