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Partial Discharge

testing for electrical


Commissioning test,

Condition assessment

and Data Analysis


Your partner in Asset Menagement and Smart Grid


We provide quality products: Sensors & Accessories, Acquisition Units, SCADA and Advanced Diagnostic Software.


We provide the most advanced Global Monitoring Systems for the predictive maintenance of all kinds of high and medium voltage electrical assets.


With more than 4000 services and installations in any type of electrical asset and for any electrical apparatus, Techimp has reached the excellence in converting research and innovation into practical, field-proven applications.


Today part of Altanova Group

TECHIMP- Altanova Group is a major player in condition assessment and permanent monitoring of partial discharge activities of electrical assets.
Located in Bologna, TECHIMP is an innovative company that develops, manufactures and distributes quality products and provides partial discharge diagnostic services and pd monitoring solutions that cover all mv and high voltage electrical asset.
Research and development play a major role in company’s ability, in fact TECHIMP is an active member of several international committees like IEC, IEEE, Cigre, ICC and has published lots of award-winning white papers concerning partial discharge technology and has an active role in international standard definition.
With more than 4.000 installations, today TECHIMP represents the excellence in product and service development starting from research and innovation to in-field applications.
Worldwide customers rely on TECHIMP’s services and solutions that cover from space charge measuring systems for investigations on HVDC insulations systems to research centers of OEMs and other institutions.
Today TECHIMP is part of the ALTANOVA GROUP together with ISA and IntelliSAW, well established companies in the field of electrical asset monitoring. The merger of the three companies ensures a full and innovative range of diagnostic solutions for all kinds of electrical assets.

Technical Education

Benefit from free online courses taught directly by our expert engineers. From theoretical lessons to practical demonstrations, Altanova Academy offers numerous webinars suitable for all levels of expertise.
Follow the lessons held live by our experts in electrical testing and interact with them to increase your knowledge on electrical assets testing.
Our webinars are mainly held in English, French, Spanish and Italian and if you missed the previous courses, you can retrieve the videos from our dedicated Academy webpage.

Contacts and locations


Via Toscana 11,
40069 Zola Predosa (Bo) - Italy
T: +39 051 199 86 050
Email: sales@altanova-group.com


Via Prati Bassi 22,
21020 Taino (Va) - Italy
T: +39 0331 95 60 81
Email: isa@altanova-group.com


100 Burtt Rd
Andover, MA 01810 (USA)
T: +1 978-409-1534
Email: contact@intellisaw.com

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